The idea was to build a new kind of input device with Arduino and processing, that has different functions depending on its positions.​​​​​​​
I used the Arduino board „lightblue bean“ because of its small size, the bluetooth functionality and its built-in accelerometer. Additionally I used a potentiometer, that changes its function depending on the values of the accelerometer. To make the device compact and lightweight the case is 3d printed. To connect it to the hand, it has some elastics, which you can easily put on and take off.
function explanation
The 3D manipulator is an alternative input device for VR.
It contains two parts: the body – with the micro controller – and the rotary knob – to manipulate the values. You can attach the body to the palm of your hand using elastic strings. That way the device can detect your hand's position. You put the rotary knob on your middle finger and turn it with your thumb and your index finger. In the VR-headset you can now see a grey square. When you turn the knob while your palm is facing sideways, the square is going to the left or to the right. A small LED in the body lights up, when the hand is in the correct position. If your palm is facing down, you move the square up and down. If your palm is facing away from you, you move the square closer or further away from you. If you're holding your hand in another position, the LED in the body turns off and the input doesn't get recognized.
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