This project was realized in a course at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Together with Linda Klotzbach (Research and writing), Sophie Schüttemeyer (Visual design) and Elise Werner (Research and writing).
My role was the concept design and implementation in Webflow.
The project was supervised by Scientist 4 Future
Right when entering the website, three circles, which are not quite round, are shown. These circles have an offset, representing the global north and south in an abstract way. Something is out of balance, something is a little off.
To explain the word “climate justice” we decided to split the word into its two parts and have a look at each one of them separately, to then talk about the combines word afterwards.
Each of the three parts is based on concepts and facts illustrated by visual elements users can interact with though scrolling.
We wanted to take the focus from the abstract global level also to a personal, local one. So we created three stories the user can deicide which one they want to dive in to. They take place in Berlin, the Philippines and Himalaya, but also tackle our personal consumption and why our individual carbon footprint doesn't tell that much about our ability to reduce.
There is also a hidden menu in the icon in the top right. Since the story we try to tell is a linear one, it's not that important to jump between the chapters, but if you loose track of where you are, there is an option to get an overview.
The icon itself represents the spikes of a sun, but the source is not visible. It also is not quite centred, which also indicated the unbalance of the problem we want to make aware of.
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