“allgood” is our result of the class “Crafting User Interfaces” taught by N26 Head of Design Christian Hertlein at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in summer 2018. Our task was to craft a finance related product that on one hand builds trust while on the other hand contributing to a better financial education. While the topic itself was pretty open, our work was expected to be based on research, interviews and user testing rather than hypes or assumptions. Some exploration in the field of the lately booming freelance economy led to our main insight:
About 16% of all European labor is already done freelance. But traditional safeguards for times of sickness or injuries have fall short for the self-employed.
Current studies conclude: Self-employed people take about three times fewer days off work for illness than traditional employees. Mostly due to the fear of financial losses. Through our research we found fairly good solutions already tackling the problem offline. Like the Dutch broodfonds which connects freelancers in small, local communities to cover for each other during periods of illness. So we went one step further and thought about a digital solution for the digital generation:​​​​​​​
An app that builds and maintains a small, trusted community of freelancers who solidary cover for each other in case they get sick.
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